Over the next few years Astar will be able to provide tuition for all ages through a variety of classes and workshops including Fiddle, Clarsach, Guitar, Gaelic Song, Gaelic Language and Conversation, Chanter/Bagpipes and Traditional Crafts such as the dying, spinning and weaving of wool. With weekend events, workshops and masterclasses with Highland history and tradition at the heart of it all.

About Astar

Created in 2018 by musician and tutor Rachel Campbell, with a vision to providing easily accessible learning facilities for everyone in and around Inverness for all things traditional to the Highlands: Music (Ceòl), Gaelic Language (Gàidhlig), Art (Ealain), History (Eachdraidh) & Culture (Cultar). 

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Astar Youth Ceilidh Band

Learning to play traditional music together and perform at a variety of events including festivals, concerts, weddings and ceilidh dances. For ages 11-18. Check out our Facebook page for more information or get in touch with Astar if you would like to join.

Astar Mor Ceilidh Band

Same as above for ages 18+

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  • The Kings Factory -An established Church, Coffee House Cafe and Function Venue located in Smithton Industrial Estate '...in the community, for the community'.