Whistle Class with Ruben Jarramplas 

Ruben was born in Spain and is based in Inverness since 2016. He experiences being a musician through different types of bagpipes and flutes and started out in the world of traditional music with the gaita (Galician bagpipe) as his first instrument. He was lucky enough to learn from bagpipers and whistle players that are leading figures on today’s Galician music scene, such as Anxo Lorenzo, Daniel Bellón or Pepe Vaamonde among many others.

In 2012 he stepped into the world of academic music, reaching a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology at the Valladolid University. Alongside that musical training, he was member of the Nivaria Pipe Band and worked as a teacher of gaita and whistle at the Casa de Galicia in Valladolid (Spain). He also played as a regular musician in a band for different kind of events such weddings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. On numerous occasions, he also collaborated in concerts with Carlos Núñez, one of the most acclaimed Spanish bagpipers.

He is currently doing research in Scottish Music and preparing some new musical projects that links both Galician and Scottish styles scheduled to come to light in 2019.

A bit about Ruben.....

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